We still have art on our walls....
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Here's a link to our current online members self portrait show.

The gallery is open on a limited basis with hours posted on the doors. This will be the case until further notice. We will be participating in the 2nd Saturday Art Walk with liquid refreshments and interviews outdoors, weather permitting. You may view art work in the gallery but no more than 10 occupants at a time and masks must be worn. Masks are available if you forget yours. At this time, the Manley Art Center classroom is open to members of 10 or fewer people at a time.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation in these trying times. Please check back regularly for new information. 

Direct questions about art in the gallery to Sharon Guy at 219-628-5437. Other questions to President Mike Dwaileebe at 541-412-1350.

Pour a cup of coffee and sit back!

Join Leslie Wilkinson, Pete Chaser, Dave Howell and Linda Evans regarding the State of the Arts in Brookings. This is a free podcast and we encourage everyone to join us as we discuss the past, present and future!



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