John Gehl is a photographer and metal sculptor who was born and grew up in Wisconsin. After high
school at Marmion Academy in Aurora, Illinois, he attended Marquette University in Milwaukee and
then Harvard Graduate School of Business.

    “I worked in t...


     Featured artist Bob Murdock, who grew up in Long Beach, California, then went on to study art at Long Beach City College, was drafted into the US Army in 1966. The Army noticed Bob’s talent, and he was assigned to work as a draftsman making visual aids.



     As a child growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, featured artist Susan Fowler often “haunted” the Art Institute, wanting to “climb through the windows of time” into the large neoimpressionist painting, Sunday Afternoon at La Grande Jette by George Seurat. She ad...


    Glass artist William Kilgore, who grew up in Lodi, California, is someone who has always enjoyed working with his hands.
    “I worked on many hand-work practical projects from adolescence on. And my first craft/art experience was in wood shop in high school....



Ceramic artist Dana Bilello-Barrow, while growing up on the East Coast, never considered herself an artist. In fact, she found art classes to be “quite painful.” Still, she admired her talented schoolmates and others who created art.
    Then, at 30, she marr...


    Our featured artist for October is Karen Staal, who explains, “I learned contour drawing almost by accident, when as a young child, I drew the back of a lady’s head during a long sermon in church—and it really looked like HER head.

    ”She adds that from that...


     Georgia Cockerham – “The Oregon coast
is filled with scenery that awakens my creative soul, and it’s the rhythmic ebb and flow of the sea that inspires me to write and paint.
     The people I’ve met and continue to meet throughout my journey provide enr...


    As connoisseurs of fine art, we have spent many hours in the world’s art museums, savoring the brilliant works of our idols; such as Picasso, Ruben, Matisse, Giacometti and hundreds more that grace their walls.
    Turns out that 20% of all artworks in those m...


    This month’s featured artist is ceramicist and mixed-media artist Linda Ross, who was born in McAllen,Texas, but says she spent her early years living “all over.”
    Recalls Linda, “My mom and dad met in New Mexico, but after seeing dad’s family’s Philadelph...



    Featured artist Klarke Heinecke grew up in New Jersey outside Philadelphia, where major nearby art museums set the art standard. Works by Thomas Eakins were her favorites, along with conceptual art by Marcel Duchamp.

    “How could that be art?” she tho...

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