2020 Festival of Art in Stout Park


Call Description:


The Festival is held August 1st and 2nd, from 10am - 5pm Saturday and 10am - 4pm Sunday. Our outdoor event is set in the tree lined pathways of Stout Park, surrounding Manley Art Center and Gallery, at 433 Oak Street, Brookings, Oregon. Stout Park sits a short block above, and clearly visible from, downtown Brookings and Highway 101, providing easy access, lovely ocean views and cool breezes. The Brookings area is a popular tourist destination with six state beaches, parks and recreation sites within minutes of the downtown. This is a rain or shine event.



This juried exhibition of quality fine arts and crafts allows visitors the opportunity to interact with the artists in a beautiful park setting. In its 8th successful year, the event includes separate areas for children to create their own art, a food court with wine/micro-brews and a music venue. Artist's booth spaces are well organized according to the park layout and previous vendor's suggestions, providing high exposure to visitor travel. Care is also given to artist's space placement requests. Spaces are limited creating higher dollar sales for accepted artists.



Most 2019 vendors reported above average sales. The 2019 festival saw over 1,000 visitors and that number is expected to increase substantially in 2020 due to extensive advertising on all formats within both California and Oregon.



As in past years, our 2020 judges will present a Best Booth Award, gifting the recipient a free booth space for the 2021 festival.



Entries must be submitted by April 17, 2020. Submissions must include the online entry form, a printed and signed version of the online entry form with the mailing of your check for booth space. Since mail delivery can sometimes take a few extra days here on the coast, please make sure your check and printed form are in the mail no later than April 19th.



Set-up/Take Down:

Friday Noon - 7 pm (No Friday set up after 7pm) Saturday 8 am - 9 am (Move vehicles out of the unloading area by 9:00 am on Saturday-no exceptions) Sunday 4 pm – 8pm (No early take downs)



This Festival is sponsored by Pelican Bay Arts Association, a non-profit organization. Manley Art Center & Gallery is the home of the association and holds meetings, classes, workshops and participates in numerous local arts venues including the Brookings Second Saturday Art Walk. Please see our website at http://www.pelicanbayartsassociation.org for photos of previous Festivals. You can email us at festivalofartinstoutpark@gmail.com for questions or concerns.



If you need assistance with hotel or campground reservations please contact Brookings-Harbor Visitor and Tour Center at 541.813.2330.



Entry Instructions: Online entry at: https://www.entrythingy.com/forartists_calls?month=0®ion=0&state=38&type=n


Video Tutorial for completing this application: https://www.entrythingy.com/vtour_entrants.html



Required for online application:

* 4 photographs of your art (2 each if booth sharing)

* 1 photograph of your booth display

Standard jpg images of 1-3 mb are preferred. The jury appreciates images that are oriented correctly.


*Briefly describe ALL handcrafted items to be sold in your booth. Unlisted items may not be added later.

*You may share a booth with an artist partner at no additional charge. However, both names must appear on the application. Please include 2 pictures of each artist's work with your application along with your partner's name under 'STATEMENT SPECIFIC TO ENTRY'. No representation of another artist's work is allowed unless the artist has been juried in and is sharing your booth.

*Only art work juried in at the time of acceptance is allowed.

*Special requests:

Include special requests at the end of your 'STATEMENT SPECIFIC TO ENTRY'- for example:

-A level as possible booth space

-I am disabled and will need a space close to disabled parking. I will provide my State Disabled form/placard when I register.

-Same space as last year

-Next to another specified booth

-Require electricity in your booth

Requests will be noted. We will do our best but cannot guarantee to meet each request except electricity. Those needing electrical hookup must provide their own commercial outdoor rated plug. Cords are not allowed on walkways.



Tips for using Entry Thingy:

*After you are satisfied with your images, on the right side of that page is General Entry Info where you can again Edit your description, as under My Profile. * Before submitting, click See Jury View to review. Even though it does not show here, the jury will see your resume and statement. Click Back to Entry to continue.

*If you need to stop at any time, when you return the Complete Entry button will take you back to where you left off.

* If you have used EntryThingy.com before, you may need to have a current subscription before you can upload any additional pictures.

*The results of the jury will be emailed from alerts@entrythingy.com or festivalofartinstoutpark@gmail.com by April 29th.


IMPORTANT: Print your entry twice. One copy for your records and one copy to be mailed with your check. Mail the full form, signed and dated, with your check.


Payment by check only. Make checks payable to:

PBAA (note 'FASP' on check)

PO Box 2568, Brookings, OR 97415


Please put your assigned entry number on your check. Checks will be returned to applicants who are not juried into the festival by May 29th.



Instructions for Accepted Entrants:

*Only exhibitor's name, contact information, logo, biographical information and business cards may be displayed.

*Artists provide own canopy and display furniture. We may experience coastal fog and fog drip; so bring something to cover your art.

*Art work must stay INSIDE the booth area.

*Staking canopies is NOT allowed. Be prepared to use alternative measures to secure your booth.

*No late opening or early closing of any booth except in the case of medical emergency. Early tear-down is not allowed.

*Children under 16yrs. must be supervised at all times. No running, bike riding, skateboarding, roller skates/blading allowed within the festival area.

* Out of concern for the safety of the art and our patrons, we do not allow pets into the Festival (service dogs are excepted with proper identification). PLEASE- DO NOT PLACE US IN THE ROLE OF ASKING YOU TO REMOVE YOUR DOG.

*Generators not allowed.

*Those needing electric hookup must provide their own commercial outdoor rated plug. A 20amp breaker is provided only if you have requested it under the 'STATEMENT SPECIFIC TO ENTRY' area of your entry. Cords are not allowed on walkways.

*Security: Overnight security is provided on Friday, July 31st set-up, and Saturday, August 1, 2020. As an exhibitor, you understand there is always a risk in public places.

*Smoking is not allowed in the park per city of Brookings regulations.

*If you need assistance with hotel or campground reservations please contact Brookings-Harbor Visitor and Tour Center at 541.813.2330.

*You must sign in before setting up. Once you register at the Information Booth you will be directed where to park to unload. Your booth number will be in the packet and must be displayed on your Booth. There are no set-ups prior to signing in with vehicle license plate number.

*Those needing disabled parking will be assigned a space. You must bring your State Issued Disabled form/placard to receive an assigned space. Unlike previous years, vendors will not have access to the park's small parking area after set-up or before take down. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

*This is a rain or shine event.

*Music in booths should be used with discretion so as not to disturb other vendors.

*Exhibitor Parking is located at Azalea school parking lot, within easy walking distance.

*Camping is not allowed in any of the parking areas or on the streets.


Terms of Entry for Entrants:

Artists are encouraged to have business insurance that will cover them while at the Festival of Art in Stout Park. Festival of Art in Stout Park, Pelican Bay Arts Association, its agents, officers, employees and volunteers will not be responsible for any theft, damage, loss or claim whatsoever arising from any cause, nor incurred by reason of failure of the exhibitor to obtain insurance or failure of such insurance to cover any loss.


By submitting your application, you agree to: Assume ALL risk during my participation in the Festival of Art in Stout Park on July 31st, August 1st and 2nd, 2020. I release, agree to indemnify, and forever hold harmless Festival of Art in Stout Park, Pelican Bay Arts Association, its agents, officers, employees and volunteers from any actions, suits damages, claims, third-party claims or judgements of any kind that may result from property loss, damage or personal injury sustained by me or anyone else as a result of negligence during my participation in the Festival of Art in Stout Park, on the above listed dates.

433 Oak Street, Brookings, OR 97415  *  Mail to: PO Box 2568 Brookings, OR 97415

Pelican Bay Arts Association at Manley Art Center & Gallery   *