Christina Olsen 

Christina was born in San Mateo and raised on the California coastline. It was an idyllic childhood without television on a small farm.

When Christina was four, an aunt who was an art teacher, gave her a large box which was filled with paints, colored wire and a plethora of paper. After this she was constantly in trouble for making "a big mess." Curiously that practice has continued to this day.

Christina has degrees in both technical illustration and education. She worked in both of these fields until relocating to Brookings in 2001.

Christina works in watercolor, acrylic and on pottery and any other available surface. She shows in galleries in California, Oregon and France. See her work at Manley Art Gallery and Brian Scott Gallery in Brookings, OR.

433 Oak Street, Brookings, OR 97415  *  Mail to: PO Box 2568 Brookings, OR 97415

Pelican Bay Arts Association at Manley Art Center & Gallery   *