De'De' Nicolls

De’De’ (pronounced Day Day) from an early age was encouraged to imagine and create.  She looks to the clouds, trees, and ocean for inspiration. De’De’ creates in variety of mediums including paint, mosaic, and photography.

Through education she’s learned the basic rules of painting. Keeping those in mind she paints with sheer abandon allowing the paint to guide her inspiration.

Art  for her is  the ultimate freedom. She can choose on any given day to paint a picture, photograph a wave, or build a river of stone and broken bits. Her only limitation is her own imagination.

De’De's work can be seen at Fog and Fine art Gallery, Manley Art Gallery or on her website

433 Oak Street, Brookings, OR 97415  *  Mail to: PO Box 2568 Brookings, OR 97415

Pelican Bay Arts Association at Manley Art Center & Gallery   *