Member Questionnaire November 2019


In October, nearly 100 PBAA members were interviewed to ask about setting goals for the future of our organization.
We were not able to reach everyone by phone so this is an opportunity for those we were not able to reach, to
participate in the survey. The results of our member survey will be used to guide our future goals with the possibility of
obtaining grant funding. Grant funders require that PBAA defines the exact purpose that the grants would be used for
and that we have specific goals for the organization. Grants could be used for development of new and continuing art
programs or expanding our current facilities. We need your input to help guide the future of PBAA. Please complete this
survey and return it to PBAA before the end of the year. Questions can be directed to Chaney delaire (707) 695-7331 or
by email to
Member Name: _____________________________________________
1. As a member, does PBAA meet your expectations of an art center both in management and helping in your artistic
development? Yes _______ No __________
If not, what is missing and how can we improve the current organization to help meet your needs? (examples: more
classes, workshops and in what medium)?
2. Are you receiving your copy of the TIDE (newsletter) by email? _____ By Mail? ______
Does the TIDE provide enough information to help you be engaged in the organization?
Would you read the TIDE if it was posted on the PBAA website instead of being sent by email? Yes ____ No ______
Would you make use of the PBAA website if it became the primary source of information in lieu of the TIDE?
Yes _______ No _______
3. Are you getting emails about the General Membership meetings? Yes _____ No ________
Do you attend the membership meetings? Often _______ Rarely ______ Never ___________
If you don’t attend, what could we change that would make our meetings more appealing to members?
4. If money was no object, how do you envision the art center of the future?
5. Do you feel that the current facilities should be solely used as classrooms that could be used more frequently?
Yes _________ No __________
6. Do you feel it is important to have a gallery space? Yes ________ No ________
Would having a gallery located at a different location, such as on Highway 101, be adequate? Yes _______ No ________
6 a. What space requirements for your group activity would you like to see expanded?
7. What equipment or materials should be made available to the
8. Do you attend Art Walk? Often _______ Rarely ________ never ___________
Why do you enjoy Art Walk? ______________________________________________________________________
9. Is there anything else, you’d like to add? ________________________

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