Richard Leathers

I grew up in Ingelwood, California and later moved to San Diego. I got my first camera in my early 20's, a Pentax with a 50mm lens. I took pictures of buildings, doors, anything with weird angles.

  I gave up photography for a couple of decades until digital photography emerged on the scene. When digital camera's arrived I had a flash bulb moment with a new interest again for photography.

  My photography education consists mainly from reading magazines, and the internet, and a lot of Youtube watching.

Artistry I create in photo's is focused on composition and light and shadow, especially for black and white pictures.

  The camera is a tool and learning the functions of the camera and the lens capabilities is important.

  I'm a member of Chetco Photographers Assoc. part of Manley Arts Assoc. and suggest anyone interested in photography should check it out and join, your learning curve with improve. Remember to have fun doing something you like and see what you can capture in photography.

433 Oak Street, Brookings, OR 97415  *  Mail to: PO Box 2568 Brookings, OR 97415

Pelican Bay Arts Association at Manley Art Center & Gallery   *