Sharon Guy

Backbone 2
Sorta Loretta Like
Piecing Layers
Crazy Quilt
Homage to Gee's Bend Quilters
Climbing Out Of Hell
Color Blind Genes
America in Black and White
Screaming Woman



                                Bio for Sharon Guy




   Carson City, Nevada 1986, I took my first painting class from a small local art shop, which became a life
changing event.


   After speaking to my family, I made the decision to go back to college and focus on art.
Fun, exciting, stimulating are just a few adjectives to describe my experience. The box I lived in suddenly
imploded from the knowledge I was acquiring and changed the direction of my life.     

   After many successful showings, I moved to Chicago to pursue my Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Illinois,Chicago. Different from my more technically based studies in Reno, the Master’s program was
conceptually driven. After an intense completion of my MFA which focused on Women Studies, I had several opportunities to show my art work in Chicago, but after a few months of feeling a little unsure of what direction I wanted my work to go, we made another life changing decision. We left the country.

   Our first year of travel took us to Cambodia where we taught English for an Australian language school,
but I still managed to complete a body of work pertaining to my experiences in Phnom Penh and had a
showing in an expat gallery. The Peace Corps came next, for another teaching experience in Ethiopia.
All of these experiences have informed my art work, in both my world perspective and my continued interest in the lives of women. You have a whole new appreciation for being an American woman, when confronted with the day to day lives of third world women.


   Coming home, I had new material to work with and a new perspective of the diverse lives of the female species.


   My current work, a“Homage tothe Gee’s Bend Quilters”, is a tribute to the shear fortitude and resilience that these women
demonstrated throughout their lives. Against appalling conditions for these African American women, they created a subversive collection of quilts that defied the definition of ‘what is art?’. They have been
a regenerating force in my life and have motivated me to expand my use of materials in making art.
Thank you ladies!

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