SUN LEVINE - Finding Beauty in a Ball of Clay

Our featured artist for November, Sun Levine, says that she is someone who “moved around quite a bit.” For example, she was born and lived in Seoul, Korea until she was 12; spent four years in Argentina and Paraguay; was based in New York until she finished college; then attended graduate school in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

And though Sun earned degrees in Mathematics and later worked on the technical staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in Lexington, Massachusetts for 27 years, her true love now is playing with mud.

In fact, she retired in 2012, essentially to devote more time to pottery, a love that began 10 years earlier when she took an evening ceramics class at a community center.

Sun explains it this way: “I find it very satisfying to create something beautiful from a ball of clay. I also like the 3-D aspect of ceramics, like to analyze the shapes and explore geometric properties to form the objects.”

As with so many potters, Sun also says that she finds working with clay “therapeutic and rewarding.”

Her objective is “to create unique and intricate functional pottery.” In order to do it, Sun employs both wheel throwing and slab building techniques, then decorates her pieces by applying textures, or by carving and then glazing with contrasting colors.

Though Sun today creates most of her pottery at her home studio, she says that she also enjoys interacting with her fellow potters at the Manley Art Center.

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