Barbara Jervis - Getting to Know our Long Time Members

Barbara Ridlebaugh was born in Toledo, Ohio and grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. Her mother was very strict and would have Barbara go to her room to do her homework. But Barbara wanted to draw and would crumple up her drawings and throw them in the waste-basket. One day her mom found some and realized she might have some talent.

Barbara's first introduction to a specific medium was charcoal at her private lessons from Hanna Elliott. “I'll always remember Miss Hanna Elliott for the way she dressed . . . long early 1900's style dresses, and she had a long cigarette holder like FDR had. She didn't smoke but used the holder to point out something she didn't like.”

One day in class Barbara was painting grapes. “Miss Hanna Elliott tapped her holder on my grapes and asked where is this grape? I pointed to the grape I was copying and she said no, it doesn't look like that at all.”

In high school Barbara took art as an elective and was exposed to a lot of various art mediums like silk screening, oils, linoleum blocks and the printing press.

While attending college at Florida Southern in Lakeland, Florida she met her husband, Charlie Jervis. They married in December 1956. They have four children and all were born in different states due to Char-lie’s employment promotions.

Her goal was actually to become a teacher and over the years she helped out in many schools. Living in New York she worked as a teacher's aid in the Special Education Department. When they moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, she also worked in special ed at the elementary school.

"Charlie and I spent all our lives living East of the Mississippi River. When he retired we bought an RV which we called the ‘road house’ and traveled west.” After reading a real estate brochure about Cave Junction they stopped there on their way to Washington State and stayed.

They often traveled to this area in their 'road house' as both missed being near water. "I won't forget the first time we traveled to Brookings. When we came to the stop sign at Highway 101, the view straight ahead of the horizon was exhilarating." They realized they wanted to be here by the coast and after five years in Cave junction they relocated to Brookings in 2002.

Shortly after moving to Brookings she joined PBAA. “I took lessons from Audi Stanton and got hooked on watercolor.” She has tried other things but water color is her favorite medium. “I don’t paint people and find old decrepit things interesting to paint as well as the beaches and ocean.”

Barbara has worn many hats in the art association; President, Vice President, Historian, Gallery 101 and serves on the Azalea Festival and Festival of Art in Stout Park Committees. “I really enjoy being a member of PBAA and take advantage of showing my work in the gallery and the classroom.” Besides art she is also enjoying Tai Chi.

“I have met so many people while taking lessons and attending meetings, especially the monthly general meetings, and the Second Saturday Art Walks. I now realize just how large the art community is in Brookings and how PBAA has played an important part in support-ing the growth of the art community.”

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