Farewell to the Burtons

August marks a changing point for the Pelican Bay Arts Association as Violet and Len Burton and Sean Solomon move to the Medford area. We have come to rely on all of them for help with many activities and will miss them.

Violet and Len at Chet's during an Art Walk

Len and Violet with Cathy Moore and Cilde Grover at their booth at Festival of Art in Stout Park.

The Burtons joined the Association shortly after

they moved to Brookings in 2001 and have been involved in most local art ventures that have happened since they arrived. Among thoseevents are the Sunday Artisan’s Gatherings, Farmer’s and Artisan Markets, the community Christmas Bazaar and the Festival of Arts at the Port of Brookings Harbor.

Violet has served in many capacities on the Board of PBAA, most recently as President,the Coordinator for Public Relations and earlier as Editor for the Tide. Violet and Len were the driving force for the Studio Tour that PBAA sponsored from 2007 to 2013. Violet also headed up the Christmas Bazaar for PBAA. She and Len have both been participants in our Community Art Rental program.

As co-chair for the Festival of Art in Stout Park, Violet has been the one to contact all the potential vendors and she and Len have been involved in all other aspects of the festival.

Len and Violet were interviewed by Pete Chasar

at Manley Art Center during an Art Walk.

A few years ago Violet’s son, Sean, moved to Brookings. He is often around the art

center helping Violet and Len. He is the primary person who distributes posters and rack cards for the Festival of Art in Stout Park. He has also helped with many activities that the Burtons have been involved in.

The family are lifetime members and will be close by in Medford so it should be easy to keep in touch. We are grateful for the years of volunteerism they have given to PBAA. We wish them well. — Cilde Grover

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