CHETCO PHOTOGRAPHY ASSOCIATION Making photography and fun a group thing

This month, CPA is our PBAA featured artist. No, Manley Art Center hasn’t been taken over by a group of accountants. CPA stands for Chetco Photography Association, which meets in the classroom each first and third Friday at 10:00 a.m.

According to member David Guy, “We do not have an official mission statement to my knowledge, but these two statements taken from our promotional flyer/information sheet probably express the mission of the club as best as anything.”

- CPA helps us share photos and ideas; learn about our cameras, photography techniques and digital photo processing; enjoy the art and creativity of our members.

- CPA is a place to share our love of photography with people of similar interests.

Most of all, says David, “We have fun.”

Recently, the group has started a new activity: critique sessions. Members are encouraged to send in photos to be critiqued by other club members. The goal is to both improve the artist’s photography, as well as to learn what others like about it. In their critiques, members are encouraged to place emphasis on photo technique, composition, and how each photo makes the viewer feel.

As for the size of the group, CPA has 46 official members, and, according to David, around 20 are active. If you’re interested in expanding the group, drop by the classroom on the first or third Friday of the month at 10:00 a.m.

Or you can contact David Guy at or Dawn Phillips at

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