MUDSLINGERS - giving us "tea and clay"

This month, Mudslingers—a group of our artists who look forward to regularly getting their hands dirty—is our PBAA featured artist. The group meets for ceramic work in the classroom on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. And for the theme of their gallery show this month, they chose “Tea and Clay.” According to member Sharon Guy, “Besides showing our various work from the last few months, we have also been building teapots, in which we willuse to serve tea from at the next Art Walk.” Sharon, who also serves as gallery coordinator, was interested in art from an early age, but had to postpone her art studies until later in life, and then, in addition to learning hands-on art skills, she earned both BFA and MFA degrees. Cathy Varner, another member, says, “In college, I had to take humanities class, so I chose ceramics. While I’m knowledgeable in throwing clay on a wheel, I much prefer hand building. This show is my first opportunity to display my work.” For Maryjane Carlson, ceramics has become a business. Working as Whistling Fish Pottery, she designs, creates, fires, markets and sells her work internationally using the Internet, as well as at local craft shows. Still, she finds it “fun to work (and play) with Mudslingers.” Joan Eddy says, “My introduction to pottery began in sixth grade, when I sculpted a family of sheep from clay. Throughout my public schools years I was active in art classes, and, in 1985, I continued pottery classes at Rogue Community College. Since 2008, I’ve been attending the pottery classes here at Manley.” “I have a life-long passion for art,” says Linda Ross. “My first clay experience began in first grade. I was so enraptured in what I was making, I paid no attention to the alarm going off—the one that makes you crawl under the table—and was quite annoyed that I had to stop. Today my preference for antiquities dictates my style” Karen Harris, who moved here four years ago, never had art or pottery classes—until PBAA and Mudslingers. “Now I have Maryjane and lots of good folks that help, suggest and share information unselfishly. When I was a child, I enjoyed playing with mud. Now, I’m enjoying it even more.” Then there’s Jennifer Dwaileebe who says, “I’ve always enjoyed art and making things, but my artistic ability was limited to drawing stick people. Joining the pottery group, I finally found a medium that worked for me. If I don't like my finished piece, I can just poke holes in the bottom and turn it into a pot for one of my plants.”

That’s mudslinging.

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