Angela Farnham - turning something broken into something beautiful.

Artist Angela Farnham, our PBAA featured artist for February, creates one-of-a-kind mosaic art based on reduce, reuse, recreate. Or as Angela says, “In a waste-driven society, I like to give throw-away items a new life—bolts and nails, bottle caps, broken dishes, beach detritus, broken jewelry, and other discards.”

Perhaps it’s because Angela herself had a lot of new lives. Though she was born in Oceanside, California, she and her family moved around a lot—Nebraska, Florida, Tennessee, and high school in Kalispell, Montana.

In her earlier years, Angela also visited Europe. And she credits all these travels, as well as “being surrounded by creative, artistic people throughout my family” for giving her an eclectic taste and style.

But it was a style first expressed in making jewelry, as well as dabbling in painting, drawing, felting and mixed media arts—but no mosaics. And even Angela’s college studies—Bible and Music— gave no hint of the mosaic art to come.

It was a four-hour class at Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, Washington in 2007 that provided Angela with her first exposure to mosaics. And once she started making mosaics, Angela went into it with dedication, even creating her own studio where she now teaches mosaic art and produces pieces that she likes to call “quirky and diverse.”

To make those mosaics, Angela has filled her studio with thousands of pieces of nontraditional mosaic tesserae. Reports Angela, “With no two pieces being alike, it’s impossible for two mosaics to be the same. This is one of the greatest aspects of the mosaic medium, and why I’m never bored.”

Apparently, others aren’t bored with her work either. It has been acquired by both private and business collectors in the Northwest. And It won her a First Place Award in the Azalea Festival.

For her month-long show at Manley, Angela has created five brand-new mosaics from hundreds of old broken-down objects.

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