Christine Sevier - Loving it monochromatic

Due to her dad’s Navy career, Christine Sevier moved around a lot—New Jersey, Illinois, Alabama, Minnesota, Michigan—then ended up in high school in California after her family moved there in 1976. Her art, though, started even earlier. “First thing I painted was hand painting. I would do one print and then add lines with different fingers, right off the page,” she recalls. Christine also recalls that during her fine arts studies in grades one through twelve, “Students were encouraged to expand their minds and break out of the box of the traditional approach.” Later, while in high school, Christine also reports that she “took many art classes and did well with assignments of various kinds.” She then followed up with art studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she earned a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts. Today, when asked about her favorite medium, Christine replies, “A mix of acrylic, watercolor, and inks, and I get ideas from many things—what I see in nature, seasonal changes, animals, graphics.” Christine also points out that painting with many different mediums exposes her to lots of exciting creative possibilities, and that, above all, she tries to “…flow in the present and not over control what comes through on the canvas whether water color or acrylics. I also experiment with collages and abstract subjects and try to avoid tradition.” As for what kind of pieces she likes best, Christine says, “Monochromatic pieces are my favorites—one color from its darkest value to its lightest. I like colors and textures to evoke excitement, passion, calmness and light-hearted moods to the beholder.” Christine’s motto (from Rumi): “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

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