Alice Klarke Heinecke - Thought made visible

Featured artist Klarke Heinecke grew up in New Jersey outside Philadelphia, where major nearby art museums set the art standard. Works by Thomas Eakins were her favorites, along with conceptual art by Marcel Duchamp.

“How could that be art?” she thought.

Klarke had an analytical mind like her father, a mechanical engineer and one of the designers of radar beaming the first live moon landing. And her similar math aptitude led to a B.S. Degree in Physics. But then that early interest in art drew Klarke to earn an M.A. in Art at UCLA, followed by a permanent move west, where she practiced magic realist painting set in the city and science labs. That art was featured in Los Angeles shows and generated sales. Commenting on the time, Klarke notes, “Locally, painter F. Scott Hess and outspoken underground cartoonist Robert Williams were leading revalidation of scorned representational painting.” Like so many artists, recession ultimately sent Klarke back to steady work as an award-winning advertising digital artist. She also periodically returned to the sciences—successes interspersed with the occasional dire setback. Of her work here in Oregon, Klarke reports, “Our recent move to the Oregon coast inspired paintings set in this magical world, true for many artists here. And I share Mike Dwaileebe's response to Artist/Curator Sharon Guy's talent, and passion on behalf of local art. But for years, I had resisted creating yet another physical object, destined for wall decor.” Klarke adds, ”Resuming painting is driven by challenge. Representation, not only of figures and places, but mood and metaphor, is complex. Strong art surpasses technique. An original point of view is required. "Paintings are thought, made visible. The relentlessly verbal soup of human society is bypassed. My paintings must also be enticingly beautiful to balance any angst-ridden, ambiguous mood. "I've been helpfully informed that I am pretty self-absorbed and while I dial it down for social tolerability, it is true. I paint for myself. If others respond, that is wonderful. We'll learn if there is a market here for large, ambitious paintings!"

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